SNEGI - the trend from the hinterland

A team of enthusiasts from St. Petersburg has revived the production of traditional Russian felt shoes made from 100% sheep wool.

SNEGIRI is a new reading of the classics. In the arsenal of the brand there are 5 models and more than a dozen different colors of wool. Each pair is made by hand and truly unique. The team plans to add a collection of summer street shoes BOMBO (SHMELI).

"Felt shoes feels both soft and cozy, yet almost weightless. We completely redesigned historical traditions of handcrafting felt footwear, but stayed united with nature by using pure wool materials and creating simple-shaped designs, "says creator Kirill Vasiliev. SNEGI are modern, durable, environmentally friendly and provide great comfort to feet. They come in handy in an apartment, a country house, an office, during long travels and flights, at a ski resort or can be worn outside in dry weather.

SNEGI are more than just a shoe. They give life to a whole village. The factory, forgotten in Soviet times, united people of different ages and became a local working center. SNEGIRI creators believe in the victory of natural materials and the creative power of traditions.